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What to Carry Out if Your Garage Door Breaks

By Garage Door Repair HQ | Nov 20, 2020
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If something has happened with one of your garage doors, it is in need of immediate fixing. Take these four simple steps to make sure you can get through this inconvenience with as little headache as possible. For the very best garage door repair phoenix az in your area, phone us today.

Check Basic Things First

If it's just an issue where your door won't open, there may be a simple solution. To start with, examine the electric batteries in your opener. If you do not have a spare, go inside and try the wall-mounted switch. If that works, you probably simply need a battery, or we might need to reprogram your remote control.

Ensure the launch wire has not been unintentionally pulled out. This will enable the opener to run without moving the door. Youngsters often find it wonderful fun to tug these power cords, not understanding what they do. The release might likewise snag on your car as you pull in. Then finally, examine the opener's power source. The line may have broken loose from the electrical outlet, or there could be a tripped breaker. Garages typically have GFCI's that get tripped and may be on the same circuit with the opener, leaving it broken.

Call for Service

When you see it's not a quick fix, the very first thing you should do is to get in touch with us for repair. The sooner you do, the faster we can get to you. Make sure you let us understand the exact nature of the breakdown-- what happened, what you were doing, and everything you did to try to settle the problem.

Inform us what you notice that's broken, such as the track, spring, panels, or windows. This can help our staff arrive with more of what they'll need and provide a head start on ordering supplementary objects. Provide us good directions to your residence and make arrangements to have someone meet us there.

Secure Your Home

If your door is stuck in the open position, you might require to take ways to protect your residence until we can show up. If the door is only open a couple of inches, there won't be a trouble. Nonetheless, a wider spot could be enough to enable a burglar into your residence. If the door is stuck in the open position, you might require to keep somebody at your home until repair work are made.

You might be able to cover the opening with boards. Just do not place your hands or any materials under the jammed door. If you can not avoid leaving some exposed opening, protect the inside of the garage. Lock the door into the house and get rid of the keys from any other vehicles in the garage. If you have a 2nd garage door, latch and lock it to ensure that burglars can't open it for easy clearing of items.

Don't Opt to Resolve It On your own

There are a lot of things we might do for ourselves around your house. It's a fantastic way to spare funds and get the complete satisfaction of being self-sustained. However, garage doors are a really different issue. Do not deal with the door by yourself. The doors are extremely heavy and can be the cause of major injuries or even death if they fall. Folding sections and wheels shifting in their tracks can readily injure fingers, hands, and feet.

Maybe the most dangerous of all is the huge stress spring above the door. Do not attempt to handle a problem with the spring. It takes our special tools and training to work safely with a garage door spring.

A malfunctioning garage door is a major hassle. If yours needs repair service, phone us to ensure that we can get you back to normal as promptly as possible.